OH NO!!!

OH NO!!!

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On this tour we had transmission fluid begin to leak on the way to Boston causing us to put the van in a shop and get a rental to finish out the tour. Long story short, between the cost of repair, the rental for the rest of tour, various rentals to make sure we didn't miss any shows, and the gas it took to drive to Connecticut and back to get our van, it cost a total of $8,928.28

Shirt is priced at cost, please donate whatever you see fit as a tip when you order and we'll see if we can cut this bill down a bit!

This is a pre-order, we will keep the pre-orders up for two weeks or until the bill has been covered, whichever comes first, then we will place the order. 


TLDR van problems on tour, $8,928.28 bill, benefit shirt, donate pls